Julian manages a smile with the pencil moving as his lips motioned. “Hey Han, I never seen you around Stuart in person before” He smirks. “What’s the special occasion?”

Han takes a deep breath, trying to calm his thumping heart.  "Just stopping by to say Hello."  He tried not to stare at the pencil, Julian’s mouth, anthing.  He ends up looking at his feet instead.

Julian leans forward and held Han’s hand bringing him into his room. “Well, since you’re rarely here, might as well come in”

Han looks down at the pair’s hands and thinks ‘we look good together, like this’  He follows Julian in.  "Doing homework?" Han says in a pathetic attempt to make idol conversation.

“studying” Julian smiled as he closed the book. “But I’m done with this” He said. “calculus can drive one mad” Julian sat on his bed, pulling Han to sit next to him. Julian falls back onto his bed. “Sometimes it’s just nice to relax and just..” His eyes start to close

"Unwind?" Han offers.  Han scoots closer to Julian.  He admires him.  He keeps a hold on Julian’s hand not willing to let go.  "I know all about unwiding." he added with a nervous laugh.

Julian’s half open eyes stares at Han. “Oh?” He said.

Han kept on laughing nervously.  "Well Winsor’s know how to relax that is for sure."  Sometimes Han wished there was an auto correct for his mouth.

Julian smile and laugh a little, “Windsors does seem somewhat stress-free,..lay it on me, help me relax then” He said as he laid back further, burying his head into the bed.

Han expieremently trailed his hand up to Julian’s shoulder.  "I could try."  Han put both of his hands on Julian’s shoulders and began to rub.

Julian closed his eyes, enjoying the relaxing sensation. Light moaning was heard.

Han worked the knots out of Julian’s shoulder’s, never letting his gaze escape Julian’s closed eyes. 

Julian let more light moans escaped, he felt relaxed, he felt himself letting loose. “Oh…god Han..” He moaned, fingers tangled on the sheets.

"Roll over Jules, I’ll get your back." Han did his best not to trip over his words.  His heart was racing again.

Julian got up and face Han. “Are you sure it’s not too much trouble” He turns over and lies on the bed lazily.

"N..o trouble at all." Han sputters. Han works his hand down Julian’s back, expertly working out all the knots.

“Han…Gosh…that’s good” Julian moans as he shuts his eyes, grasping at the sheets, glancing at Han occasionally.

Han smiles at Julian, a sparkle in his eye.  He takes one of Julian’s hands and massages up his arm to his neck.  He gently massages Julian’s neck and moves Julian’s hair out of his eyes.

Julian blushed when Han’s fingers push his hair away from his face. He smiled at Han. “Thanks”

"No promblem." Han edges closer to Julian  "Starting to feel better?" his voice cracked a little.

Julian looks up at Han, “Yea..much better Han, much much better” He grinned. “I didn’t know, you were so skillful”

"Ah well, maybe it comes from working so much with small parts."  Han’s right hand lingered on Julian’s body.  He slowly lowered himself next to Julian.  His eyes stared at Julian’s lips.  He licked his lips, trying to cure the dryness there.

The sensation was overpowering julian as he unconsiously held the side of han’s shirt, gripping it tightly.

Han smiles sweetly at Julian and edges slightly closer.  His heart is racing a mile a minute.

Julian looks up and smiles back, his hand lingering on Han’s arm